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From Prehistoric Times to Distant Future, 15mm scale leads the way!

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    Cold War French infantry. Models are from Peter Pig "AK-47 Republic" range. For this photo I used same camera but completely different lighting. So no more "yellow" photos.

    If you want to know the color code for these miniatures here it is:
    Uniform base color: Knarloc Green/Loren Forest
    Uniform highlight 1: Straken Green
    Uniform highlight 2: Nurgling Green
    Uniform highlight of helmet and sleeves edges: Rotting Flesh or Nurgling Green 50/50 mixed with Bleached Bone
    Vest highlight: Rotting Flesh or Nurgling Green 50/50 mixed with Bleached Bone
    Rifle base color: Abaddon Black
    Rifle Highlight: Adeptus Battlegrey
    Rifle edges highlight: Codex Grey
    Boots base color: Adeptus Battlegrey
    Boots highlight: Stormvermin Fur
    Boots edges highlight: Codex Grey
    Ammunition base color: Desert Yellow
    Ammunition wash: Seraphim Sepia
    Ammunition highlight: Desert Yellow (same color as base one over some washed areas)
    Ammunition edges highlight: Kommando Khaki/Karak Stone
    Skin color: Elf Flesh
    Skin wash: Seraphim Sepia
    Skin highlight: Elf Flesh (same color as base one over some washed areas)
    Skin edges highlight: 50/50 mix of Elf Flesh and Skull White

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    Asgard from Stargate universe. Actually its "Rebel Minis" Grey Alien figure.

    Color Code:
    Base color: Tallarn Flesh
    Wash: Seraphim Sepia for light washing of some areas (like back of the head or skin around the eyes)
                Agrax Earthshade for washing most of the skin areas, like spine and space between fingers.
    Highlight 1: Tallarn Flesh over some washed areas like and chest and biseps.
    Highlight 2: Karak Stone
    Eyes base color: Abaddon Black
    Eyes highlight: Stormvermin Fur

    Capture this alien!!!

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  • 12/15/12--19:29: Even more Krators!!!

  • Krators horde! One big and 3 small Krators bases 

    All variants of small Krators on one base

    The last stand.

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  • 02/11/13--16:01: Sorry for delays in updates!
  • Sorry for delays in updates! I am currently working on "UseMe Twilight of the Empires" for 1870-1930, Pulp and VSF games.

    But I know I should post something! So here is short clip. James Bond on Russian tanks destroys Russian streets :) from Goldeneye (1995). Russian architecture, Soviet tanks, crappy cars and evil Russians !
    Note: This is supposed to be T-80 tank but actually its T-55 tank adapted to look like a T-80BV

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  • 04/02/13--17:12: Irishserb Humvee

  • I am back and posting all I painted during long brake. First model is Irishserb Humvee (all stowage made with green-stuff). I used Citadel paints and if you wish I can provide full list of paint names.

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    I haven't posted it yet, but me and Omer Golan are almost finished USE ME Twilight of the Empires and also new USE ME supplement Modern Warfare Advanced, that adds LOTS of new optional rules. I decided to make my first AAR, where I test some of new rules. Sorry for terrible lighting and plain white terrain and unpainted infantry, I made this playtest on my table, where I paint miniatures. Lets imagine that white paper its a snow and lamp is a grey hill.

    Some of the new rules that were used in this playtest are: Catch Fire, Up-Armored Light Vehicle, AP and HE rounds, Protected Transport, Hard Cover, Advanced Squad and Advanced Melee rules, Firing at rear of a vehicle rules, Artillery class, High/Low Penetration weapon. Also Modern Warfare Advanced add lots of new weapons. Now each vehicle class have 3 direct and 2 indirect weapons.

    Force Lists////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    The winter of 1989. North Korea mission is to defend the road from Soviets (What?!). Infantry of both factions have bullet proof west that adds +1 to defense from infantry weapons. Unfortunately I haven't painted North Korean vehicles yet, so I gave them three T-34-85. Also Soviets have vintage 45mm anti-tank gun from World War 2. Very weird and non historical forces, but I wanted to playtest how modern vs obsolete weapons will perform on the battlefield.

    Soviet Union Force (All ELAN 4)///
    Infantry Squad: 3 AK74 , 2 RPK-74, 1 RPG
    Motorized Infantry Squad: : 4 AK74 , 1 RPK-74, 1 RPG inside BTR
    BTR-80 (Up-Armored Light Vehicle with Low Penetration rule)
    T-80 (Armored Heavy Vehicle with ATGM special rule)
    45mm Anti-Tank Gun with 3 crew.

    North Korea Force (Tanks and infantry are Elan 4)///
    Platoon Leader (Elan 6) with Inspirational special rule (+1 to Elan to all characters within 6") with pistol
    Squad Leader (Elan 5) with AK-47 (Infantry Rifle) - he is a separate character.
    Group 1: 2 AK-74, 2 RPK-74, 1 RPG
    Group 2: 3 AK-74, 1 RPK, 1 RPG
    3 T-34-85 (Up-Armored Light Vehicle with Low Penetration rule)
    Sorry for non historical organisation of Korean infantry. Real North Korean Squad is 12 men (3 RPK, 2 RPG, 7 AK) and I havent based 1 riflemen, so I just divided 11 men into 2 5-men groups and count squad leader as separate character. 
    Turn 1/////////////////////////////////////
    North Korean Commander boosts Elan of his troopers, Koreans activates first, but because Soviets are behind the hill all infantry decides to Hunker Down. (Two T-34 are painted in my old style. They will be repainted in same colours as a command T-34 (with stowage)).

    Soviet vintage Anti-Tank gun use 2 of its action to move into position.

    T-80 spends first action to move behind Anti-Tank gun. Its main gun have Optimum range of 30", and command T-34 and North Korean group (behind the gun emplacement) are within 15 iches, that mean they are in Close Range for T-80 main gun. T-80 shoots at Korean infantry. He needs to roll 4+ on D6 to hit target. Because enemy within Close Range he need to roll 3+ but infantry in cover and also Hunker Down, that mean T-80 can hit them only on roll of 6+. Because T-80 is shooting against infantry he uses 2" Blast Radius of his weapon (HE round), so he can hit the whole Korean infantry group. But because of bad dice rolls, misses.

    Soviet infantry squad moves uphill and shoots at Koreans behind light cover (fence) with Rifles, RPG and 2 RPK (you can see my crappy 12" long and 2" wide Medium Machine Gun template). Despite the fact that Koreans in Cover and Hunker Down, Soviets were manage to kill 1 Korean soldier. 

    In Modern Warfare Advanced player who owns targeted squad allocates hits. So Korean commander decides to sacrifice rifleman.

    BTR-80 Moves around the hill (Figure on top represents that vehicle carry passengers).

    And shoots Korean infantry with Machine Gun. Three of its passengers shoots from gun-ports (only 3 gun-ports have line of sight to enemy). But Cover and Hunker Down saves Korean infantry.

    Turn 2/////////////////////////////////////
    Again, because of Commander boost to Elan, North Koreans activates first. Commander and Squad leader goes Hunker Down.Three T-34 have opened fire at BTR-80, and despite horrible dice rolls, one shot WINGED the BTR-80. Because its a Protected Transport, passengers don't share Winged result of their vehicle. Infantry group behind artillery emplacement fires at 45mm gun (Long Range shot), but misses.

    Korean infantry behind the fence opens fire at Soviets on hill, they made some hits but was not manage to kill anyone, only WINGED one rifleman. Soviets should thank their bullet proof vests and horrible Korean dice rolls.

    Soviet Motor Rifle Squad dismounts and shoots at Koreans (some hits but no wounds), Infantry squad moves down from hill and shoots at Koreans. Several hits combined into KILLED result for one unlucky rifleman. BTR-80 shoots T-34 with its 14mm auto-cannon, but could not penetrate armor.

    Soviet Anti Tank gun hit Command T-34, but can't penetrate armor (whats wrong with my die rolls?). T-80 shoots HE round (with explosive radius) at entrenched Koreans and kills 2 of them!

    Turn 3/////////////////////////////////////
    Squad Leader and Commander - Hunker Down. 

    All T-34 shoots Machine Guns at Motor Rifle Squad and AP rounds at BTR-80 (AP round - if you shoot Super Heavy, Heavy, Armored Light Vehicles DO NOT use Blast radius. If shoot infantry and Unarmored Light vehicle use Blast radius - HE Rounds). Bad dice rolls again, but the volley KILLED one Motor Rifleman and STRUCK BTR-80.

    And Korean infantry KILLS two Soviets

    Second Korean group and Squad Leader hides behind tanks.

    Badly damaged BTR-80 shoots at T-34 but with no results. Motor Rifle Squad outflanks Koreans, so Koreans looses Cover bonus.

    Motor Rifle Squad kills whole Korean infantry group.

    Infantry Squad advances and firing at T-34 but with no result. Anti Tank gun and T-80 shoots at T-34 but misses.

    Turn 4/////////////////////////////////////
    One of T-34 Reversing and firing at Motor Rifle Squad and WINGED one soldier. Anti Tank gun and BTR-80 misses. Tho other T-34 shoots at T-80, but could not penetrate an armor with their guns (Low Penetration special rule). Remaining Korean infantry shoots at Soviets and STRUCKING one soldier (who was WINGED from last attack).

    Motor Rifle Squad charges T-34. Strucked soldier could not keep the pace and leaves squad leader command radius. Now he counted as separate character. Infantry with firearms have +1 against vehicles in melee (because they attack rear of vehicle and most vulnerable parts), but this time they could not wound a tank (bad dices!. Normally they are more deadly in melee.). T-34 shoots back with Machine Gun and STRUCK one rifleman (Vehicle can fight back up to 3 characters with Machine Gun).

    Soviet Infantry moves closer, firing at T-34 but could not penetrate armor, and RPG misses.

    T-80 destroys command T-34. ATGM and Heavy Gun are deadly mix.

    Burn, baby! BURN!

    Turn 5/////////////////////////////////////
    Korean infantry KILLS one Motor Rifleman (they were in Melee with T-34 last turn) and T-34 rams another to the death. Middle T-34 shoots at T-80 but again - no penetration. Soviet infantry near the road shoots at T-34 with 2 AK-74, RPK and PRG and WINGED it. And T-80 destroys it. BTR-80 WINGED Korean Squad Leader.

    Turn 6/////////////////////////////////////
    Korean infantry KILLS remaining Motor Riflemen, T-34 try to escape T-80 deadly gun.

    T-80 and Anti-Tank gun move closer.

    Turn 7/////////////////////////////////////
    Soviet Infantry Squad outflank Koreans and KILLS Squad leader.

    Koreans fight back and KILLS two Soviets. The last T-34 outflanks BTR-80.

    Turn 8/////////////////////////////////////
    BTR-80 Destroyed.

    Koreans are KILLED.

    Anti-Tank gun moves and T-80 outflanks and destroys T-34. 

    New rules works surprisingly well, despite my horrible dice rolls. Up-Armored Light Vehicles are now stronger against infantry, but still vulnerable against modern tanks. Low Penetration rule works well to represent obsolete guns and ATGM is very good against armor. Test rule about AP and HE shots works great without adding complexity to game.

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    I am almost finished painting my small North Korean force of one Ch'onma-ho tank and one VTT-323 APC (early version) with 12 man infantry squad in it (Only 11 soldiers will dismount, because one rifleman operates APC machine gun). I will share photos as soon as I finish painting them, but you already saw my infantry in "USE ME Modern Warfare Advanced" AAR.

    Here are some inspirational videos of North Korean Military Parade 2012. You can see Vehicles from 6:00 starting from staff cars and Ural Trucks. Note that they have missiles at these Urals.
    9:41 some interesting tracked vehicles with rockets. Does anyone know their name? Is it SA-13 Gopher?
    9:44 different rocket artillery types.
    12:30 different types of M-2010 and not VTT-323 because of longer chassis.

    0:35 another rocket artillery with heavier rockets.
    1:21 cool looking tracked artillery with different gun types. I want these in 15mm!
    6:12 trucks with field artillery
    9:51 I suppose its ZSU, but not sure what type
    10:48 some sort of light Shilka
    11:12 open top APC?
    12:45 BTR40?

    0:05 six wheeled BTR. I want them in 15mm!
    0:27 BTR
    2:36 tracked APC
    3:14 old Ch'onma-ho tank (modified T-62)
    5:03 modern North Korean made P'okpung-Ho MBT

    If you interested in North Korean army organisation, here is great manual made by US Marines Intelligence: North Korea Country Handbook

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  • 04/24/13--19:02: Anzac Day

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  • 04/24/13--19:25: QRF 15mm T-80

  • Painted T-80 from QRF and Peter Pig soviet infantryman for size comparison. I used Knarloc Green/Loren Forest as hull main colour and for highlights I used Straken Green and Nurgling Green.
    Note that gunmetal grey round spot on the right side of the turret is not a miscast, but battle damage, accidentally made by me.

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  • 04/25/13--20:18: 15mm QRF BTR-80

  • Another great model from QRF. Note that ALL STOWAGE was sculpted by me and its not a part of original model.

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    Found this article here Great idea!

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  • 05/13/13--16:39: Stopping the Red Tide

  • I want to share great blog with you. Its owner, Mike Edwards is a huge fan of Cold War in 15mm and he uses modifier Flames of War rules for it. He also have an army lists for NATO and WARPAC in PDF! His blog is worth visiting :)

    You can find his blog here:

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     I want to share some new (and old) scenery for 15mm gaming, such as bocage, fences, trees and tree log. Terrain tile was made from cardboard. I cutted 1 foot square and then primed it to prevent warping. All fences were made  from craft store matchsticks, glued on plasticard base and washed with Agrax Earthshade. Bocage was also glued on plasticard base and have some insulation foam chunks in the middle, covered with bushes. All miniatures are from different manufacturers and time periods. Please bear in mind that I want to base them on 20mm circular clear acrylic bases made by Litko, so that's why they have super tiny bases. The car is WWII era Russian "BA-10 Armored Car" made  by Zvezda. There are French infantry fireteam from 80's made by Peter Pig behind the BA-10 and also a Laserburn range mercenary with assault rifle painted with Vallejo "Japanese Uniform WWII" and highlighted with Citadel paints called "Bubonic Brown" and "Bleached Bone". Soviet 45mm Anti-Tank gun is made by Plastic Soldier Company. Its maned by modern era insurgent commander in red beret, made by Peter Pig  and Cold War era German infantryman, made by QRF.

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  • 05/16/13--00:09: Making your own bocages!

  • I decided to share photos of half made bocages. To make your own bocage, cut the base from plasticard or cardboard. Then glue two matchsticks to the base to prevent warping and add sand and flock to the base. Glue some insulation foam chunks on the base (some wargamers use wire frames), and then glue foliage on foam.

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  • 06/25/13--18:33: Whats on the Workbench?
  • Mount ago Mike Edwards from "Stopping the Red Tide" blog have gifted me four QRF M113 (read posts here and here). And now these M113 want to say "Thnak You" to Mike for their new home :)

    I painted this APC in same way as Irishserb Humvee that I already own and headswaped the gunners head with Peter Pig marine head and also added some bullet holes of right side of the vehicle. I plan to paint 2 M113 as modern vehicles and other 2 as Vietnam ones. In that case I wont be headswapping gunners heads for vietnam era, because they have similar size to Peter Pig Vietnam era Americans (older Peter Pig sculpts with smaller heads.)

    I also received lots of 15mm and 20mm clear acrylic bases from Litko, that I am gonna use to rebase my models.

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    I am working on several 15mm weird tanks from Early XX century such as Mendeleev Tank, K-Wagen, Fiat 2000. I also have plans for Interwar vehicles such as M2, Leichttraktor, Vickers Medium MK III. I really want these models to be produced, so I am making them suitable for 3D printing.

    Here are early drafts of Little Willie Tank with and without outlines.

    And Top and Left view from 3DsMax:

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    Almost done! I only need to add tracks :)

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  • 07/08/13--21:12: T1E2 Cunningham

  • I started working on second 15mm scale 3D model. Its Interwar tank of United Stated - T1E2 Cunningham. Only prototype was build, but the vehicle never entered mass production. T1 Cunningham is Tier 1 American tank in free MMO World of Tanks.

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